Dance, learn, and meet friends

Lindy hop is such a big part of our social life, our outlet, our way to recharge our energy and inspiration. And right now, we miss all of those things! That’s why we have created a way to get together online to dance, train, learn, play, and hang out.

Full Pass

Get full access to all our online courses! That’s 90+ hours of instruction videos covering beginner to advanced content AND it includes the Social Pass!

You have a first month money back guarantee
and you can cancel anytime!

Social Pass

Get access to almost daily Zoom activities such as “Train Together” (using our courses or your own material), Dance&Do, Quiz&Games and more!

You have a first month money back guarantee
and you can cancel anytime!

Full Pass includes:

You’ll also have a first month money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime!

Need a discount in order to afford the program? Learn more about our “Pay it Forward”-Fund here

Invite your friends to join the fun! Just direct them to so you can meet them in our sessions.

Social Pass includes:

  • Train Together: we meet online to practice together (via Zoom). We start with a common warm up to get into the training spirit and then you’ll choose a video to use for your practice. You can also ask for feedback or help during these sessions.
  • Dance&Do: We’ll DJ our favorite songs and share fun facts about the artists or songs while you “Do”; we’ve had people playing card games, gardening, dancing or just having a cup of coffee with us.
  • “Social” dis-dances: we will plug you into our local dance nights when they are available, so online and offline dancers can meet to “social” dance together. (The local dances are complying with all COVID rules! Online-only when there’s no local social.)
  • Famous Routine practice: join us to train routines like the Tranky Doo, Trickeration, Shim Sham and more.
  • Jazz Roulette: a fun way to train your solo jazz! You’ll help us pick the random moves of the day, we’ll train them together, and we’ll even create some fun combos out of the moves you pick.
  • Quiz&Game: a fun and interactive way to learn about swing dance history in our pop quizzes and games around swing music, history, artists and famous places in a fun interactive way.

Feeling shy with Zoom? You can join and keep your camera and mic off. It will be just like streaming.

Zoom Session Time Table

We are working on offering even more activities, and also slots suitable for other time-zones.

Please note that the time table can be subject to change. We might adapt to customer preferences.
Also, it might happen that a session gets cancelled for unforeseeable reasons.

“We really enjoyed the first video class at home. The format of having one long video for the whole session made it feel like being in a normal class with the additional benefit of always having the perfect perspective to the teachers. We liked it, that we didn’t have to press play and pause so we could focus only on the instructions and on dancing.” – Golnoosh and Samuel

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Unique Pedagogy

We have developed our own unique pedagogic methods. Our students’ feedback is that they feel comfortable and enjoy every minute of the class. The most named word in our feedback forms is fun! For more credentials, click here.

About your teachers

In these courses, you’ll get to know Kris and Ali, two passionate swing dance teachers from Germany. To learn more about them, click here.


Do I get support from a teacher if I don’t understand the video? How does the payment work? In what language do you teach?

To get answers to these and more questions, click here.

Any questions? Write us an email: [email protected]