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Get your dance videos! But we also help you deepen your pedagogy skills and improve your fitness with dancing in mind.

From beginner to advanced dancer: there’s great input available for all levels to get their kicks!

Learn your first steps and swing dance moves or explore more techniques for experienced dancers plus skills & drills exercises to improve your dancing.

Spread the joy: How to teach swing dancing

Lindy hoppers love to share their passion: we’ll show you how to teach a dance class. We’ll help you decide what to teach, how to turn those ideas into class content and our “secret sauce” pedagogy recipe!

Fitness for dancers!

A good warm-up makes sure you can dance at your best and avoid injuries and fatigue! Our Warm Up training is based on the ideas of functional fitness. And our Core and Balance training video will get you ready for the dance floor and give you an all-round skills boost.

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