Quick FAQ

What does Leader / Follower mean?

In Lindy Hop, we dance with a partner. We talk about leaders and followers. Leaders make suggestions about where to go, and followers decide where to move. We like to use this analogy: The follower is driving the car. The leader has the map. The leader is offering directions and the follow is choosing how to interpret them. Both people are working together to get to the same place. The leader adapts how they give directions based on how the follower decided to interpret them.

It’s true that a majority of men mostly lead and most women mostly follow, but we see the roles as not gendered. So it doesn’t matter if you identify as a man or a woman or otherwise, you can dance either or both roles.

In order for the leader-follower balance to work in class, we ask that you register in one role and dance that role for the full course you registered for; if you’re interested in trying out the other and have questions then feel free to talk to your teachers or send us an email.

Need some practice music?

We also prepared some practice playlists for you that you can use. As we as dancers really value those great people who provide us with the music to dance to, we want to encourage you to check out their pages and consider buying their music from there, as the bands will be supported more that way than through streaming services.

If you want to practice outside of our classes here’s a list of awesome artists that we think you would enjoy: