Solo Jazz Basics

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Solo Jazz is the easiest way to work on your dancing independently of a partner. You get a better understanding for the basic rhythms of swing dancing, you improve balance and you gain more control of your weight shifts. Next to that you also learn some very popular Authentic Jazz steps that are not only great for dancing solo, but also can be added as variations in your Lindy Hop. We are big believers in every Lindy Hopper having a basic knowledge of Solo Jazz – so why don’t you give it a go?

What will I learn in this course?

This course teaches you some of the most popular Solo Jazz steps and deepens your understanding of the basic rhythms of swing dancing:

  • Basic Rhythms: : Groove Walk, Jig Walk, Quick Steps, Triple Steps
  • Popular Jazz Steps: Tackie Annie, Fall off the Log, Apple Jacks and many more…
  • Creativity & Improvisation: Easy ways to combine jazz steps and create our own

What should I know before I join this course?

This course does not require a lot of dance experience. After Swing 1+2 or approximately three months of swing dance classes you should have enough movement experience to keep up with the learning tempo of the course.

If you are eager to work hard or a fast learner, you can even give it a go without any prior dance experience.