Solo Jazz for Beginners

Jazz music has an incredible ability to make us want to move. Even after learning only a few simple jazz steps, you can tap into that feeling and flow with the music like a surfer catching a wave. This course is designed to do just that! You don’t need any prior knowledge about jazz music, … Read more Solo Jazz for Beginners

Swing 2

We’re now ready to dig deeper into classic Lindy Hop.  You’ll learn how to dance some of the most beloved classic moves, popularized by the legendary Frankie Manning.  You’ll also learn fundamentals of leading and following turns in swing dancing, and dig deeper into swing music and how you can draw inspiration from it for … Read more Swing 2

Swing 1

Lindy Hop evolved out of the Charleston; we will follow this natural evolution, and start with basic Charleston steps that are as easy as walking. We’ll take you step-by-step through 6 weeks of learning the basics of swing dancing, taking you from simple side-by-side Charleston movements into the swinging rhythms of Lindy Hop. Already in … Read more Swing 1