O Christmas Tree

This little routine, choreographed by Kris to Wynton Marsalis’ lovely New Orleans Jazz version of O Christmas Tree, will give you a little fun and a challenge or two, and keep you warm over the holidays. Have a great time learning it! Once you’ve learned it, we’d love it if you would film yourself and … Read more

Lindy Library

Welcome to our Lindy Library! On this page we’ve collected as many moves from our Swing 1-6 courses as we could (and added some bonus videos, too). Just like in a dictionary where you look up a meaning of a word, in this library you can have a quick look for a move, including the … Read more


The Trickeration is an amazing jazz routine.  It has such strong and inspiring rhythms, such a great flow and groove, when you dance it you feel like you’re really swinging.  It also has some real challenging moments, it can be hard to get “just right”, so it’s a great routine to use for training. The … Read more

Constructive Conflicts

Have you ever found yourself deep in a fight with your dance partner over what was meant to be helpful feedback? Do you sometimes feel that critique seems to only go one way and you don’t know how to address the situation? Because we don’t get the necessary training in how to handle conflicts constructively, many dance relationships … Read more

Lindy Lab

In this course, you’ll learn some of our favourite social dancing lindy hop moves. It’s intended to be a good challenge for both leaders and followers as the movements are pushing our limits in rhythm, balance and connection. What will I learn in this course? You’ll learn difficult lindy hop moves, moves with accelerations and … Read more

Musicality Training

Understanding the various layers of the music will help you hear a lot more in the music and therefore have an easier time knowing what is happening in the song while you are dancing. This will help you better know when to express what and with what feel. What will I learn in this course? … Read more