Christmas Cuteness

Final video:

Message from Barbi:

The Christmas Cuteness – Xmas Challenge is a fun and nice little routine for everybody (even family members 😉 )

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Learn the choreography [Don’t worry if you missed the training session, scroll down for the instruction video]
Step 2: Wear your cutest, cheesiest, most Christmasy outfit you can.
Step 3: Record yourself dancing
Step 4: Upload your video here till December 15th. (with fails, with backstories, anything you want)

Lets dance! Do it in Lindy bubbles or alone, inside, outside, next to a Christmas tree, under the Christmas tree. Up to you! ❤

Join us to learn a fun and cute Christmassy routine together with Barbi and Csenge and the Keep Swinging team in Budapest.

For those who missed the training session:

We have two videos for you. First is the full routine, several people dancing it to music, just for you to see the routine and how cute it is. Second is a full breakdown so that you can learn it – danced from different angles with counts and some explanations.

Just the Routine to Music:

Full Routine Breakdown: