Casually Fancy

Dress to dance!

Get yourself in the right mood for dancing –
even if it’s “just” in your living room.

The way you dress influences the way you dance. What’s most important to you about the clothes you wear for dancing? Is it that you look good in them? Is it that they allow you to move the way you want? There is a way to get the best of both worlds: retro look and modern comfort, clothes made for movement that boost your inspiration for the vintage style of dancing you love so much. Casually Fancy!

I custom make trousers on individual order!
Please message me if you are interested / want to order
and I’ll create a pair just for you!

Price: 169€* per pair

*Price includes VAT,
Shipping included for Germany, additional shipping cost for EU/world
Katja – creator of Casually Fancy

Casually Fancy Women’s Trousers

Ali – Katja’s biggest fan 😉

Casually Fancy Men’s Trousers

What’s your experience when shopping for trousers? Depending on the current fashion trend you can find high-waisted trousers that play on the vintage look. But too often, mainstream brands have their sizes and shapes modelled after – well, models! Slender figures, slim waist and slim hips, delicate legs… But if you are a dancer, a sporty person, your muscles need some space in those pant legs! 

My personal experience was: If I can fit my legs and buttocks in the trousers, they end up way too big around the waist. And vica versa, a pair that would fit nicely around my waist would make my legs look like sausages trapped in their casing. That’s why I started to create trousers for myself and soon learned that I was not alone with my struggles! Many people asked where they could buy those, and that’s how Casually Fancy was born.

What’s your experience when shopping for trousers? The current fashion has abandoned the look of the vintage era long ago and all there is are modern, slim-legged, low-waist business trousers that just don’t match the vibe of swing dancing. Maybe you don’t enjoy hunting for just the right thing in shops and prefer online shopping. But then how do you know they’ll fit right and feel comfortable enough for dancing?
Here’s where Casually Fancy comes in: trousers with a vintage touch, but comfortable like sweatpants, produced exactly to your measurements – made to fit your body and created with dancing in mind. And the care-free experience doesn’t stop there: the trousers are machine-washable and pretty much iron-free! So you don’t have to worry about what to wear anymore, instead, spend your time training your dancing!

Every body is different and every body wants to move differently. This is why I adapt our pattern to your individual measurements and wishes! You choose the color, the style, and I sew them to your specifications.
Made to fit, made to move!

…and handmade with love by Katja

Happy Customers

Happy customer voices

In love with Casually Fancy pants. Katja, you are a magician.


Since I got your pants I’ve had a hard time wearing anything else.


Received the pants today. They are so perfect. Had to wear them dancing tonight already.
I adore them. They’re just the best fit.


Die Hose ist bereits angekommen vielen Dank dir! Ich hab sie direkt eingepackt für die Premiere beim Festival in Graz und es tanzt sich super darin. Sehr bequem, die trägt sich wirklich angenehm und passt einfach so gut


They are super comfy! Going to be great for dancing and just general wear! Thank you!!
Will definitely come back for more at some point! ?