Join the raffle

A chance to win nice prizes AND support our musicians with our new raffle! With the Syncopated Holiday project we aim to raise 5.000€ for a group of 5 swing bands in Berlin who created 5 amazing concerts for us. We have two days left of the program and only need just above 2.000€ of … Read more

Tough Year, Creative Year  

We went into the “Roaring 20’s” with energy and excitement  and so many events planned. We were ready and everything prepared… until… well, you all know. But we found that despite the difficulties and trouble, we got to experience and discover so many good things: It was wonderful to see how this amazing community takes … Read more

Boost 2020

Thank again for being so engaged with the event both in class and during the practice times! This weekend left a big impression on us and we truly had a wonderful time with you. Inspiration Videos The main idea that we came back to over and over again during the workshop was about the process … Read more