Join the raffle

A chance to win nice prizes AND support our musicians with our new raffle!

With the Syncopated Holiday project we aim to raise 5.000€ for a group of 5 swing bands in Berlin who created 5 amazing concerts for us. We have two days left of the program and only need just above 2.000€ of donations to reach our goal.

We still have two concerts coming up for you to enjoy the work of these amazing musicians. To make it even more exciting, we decided to include a raffle with prizes 🙂

For any donation above 30€, we will add your name to the raffle. Of course, if you donate 60€, 90€, 120€ or even more we will add your name multiple times to the raffle (one ticket for each 30€)… and of course you will have done an amazing deed to support the musicians!

Note: for those who already donated above 30€ we will include your names as well. If you donated 30€+ but did not include your name, please just message us at [email protected] with your donation and name information as soon as possible so that we can include you in the raffle before we announce the winners.

What you can win?

The top prize is a pair of made-to-measure Casually Fancy trousers – pick your favorite fabric, color, and style!

Dress for comfort and style

For dancing or just when you want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time!

Find out more about the trousers here:

And there are more prizes! You can win:

Even more: Anyone entering the raffle will get a download of the Swing Made in Berlin project

Each donation above 30€ comes with a chance of winning one of the above mentioned 4 prizes.

Click here to donate:

Make sure to include your full name (or first name + first letter of your surname).

We will announce the winners ONCE we hit our goal of 5.000€, ideally at either of the remaining two concerts on 2nd or 3rd of January.

We will also announce the winners on:

Join our concerts here:

Shortly before each concert, you can click on this zoom link to join:

Meeting ID: 948 3559 3900
Passcode: swingstep