Tough Year, Creative Year  

We went into the “Roaring 20’s” with energy and excitement  and so many events planned. We were ready and everything prepared… until… well, you all know. But we found that despite the difficulties and trouble, we got to experience and discover so many good things:

It was wonderful to see how this amazing community takes care of one another in this time of need. Without your support, SwingStep would not have made it this far and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your generosity expanded beyond that to the Pay-it-forward-fund to help people to continue dancing, to the musicians and all the event and dance related people. You rock!

2020 kicked us in the butt, but that also made us take a step forward: switching activites from “in-real-life” to online courses and sessions was a challenge, but your feedback and committment to keep dancing is so enjoyable and brightens our every day!

We are very grateful to have all of you in our lives and can’t wait to see you and -when safe- hug you again! Until then, we hope you will continue to join us online, for example at our “syncopated holiday” special with live concerts! Here’s the direct link to the Zoom session: 
Zoom concert, Meeting ID: 416 846 9431, Passcode: swingstep, check the schedule here.

Take a syncopated holiday with us: free daily acitivies and access to all our online courses until 3rd of January!

And here are some recommendations to keep your swing spirit going for the coming year:

Get a voucher for yourself, your friends or loved ones and take advantage of the multi-month discount for our Full-pass Membership! Bring the Lindy hop love to 2021:

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Beautiful accessory or practical item? No need to choose: the brand-new and stylish dance towels have the most elegant design and a wonderful soft feel, bringing style AND comfort to you and your partner!

Here’s another cause close to our hearts, for more equality, togetherness and respect.

The fight of the Black Lives Matter movement to raise awareness and bring about change in society also got the Swing jazz community to reflect on its values and initiate important change in order to truly honor the roots of the art-form and culture. The international initiative CVFC has created a platform by and for the Jazz dance community to address different issues faced by the scene.

We wish you a wonderful time and lots of health. 
Swingingly yours, 
the SwingStep Team